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Thrilling Friday in the Gold Cup

The United States became the first team to advance to the quarterfinals after winning Group A.



Two games, two wins for the hosts despite running into a bit of trouble against both Honduras and Haiti.  I have to say this right now because I am very impressed with what this team is showing...  How 'bout them Haitians?  Some of those counter attacks seemed as if it were 3 or 4 Usain Bolts running towards the goal, however the last shots ended in section 340.  Haitian attacker Guerrier behind some of those.  He needs to relax and think what he can do better while inside the opponents 18-yard box.  USA did think what to do in those situations and 3 minutes after the second half began Dempsey, for the 3rd time in this Gold Cup, scored for the Americans.


In the first game of the day, Honduras rescued a point against Panama.  La H had a bit of luck after Andy Najar missed the penalty late in the match but luckily it came back to him to finish the job.  Once again they had to battle back from behind.  The result leaves the Catrachos at the bottom of the group which forces them to win against a very tough Haitian side who are also forced to win in order to have a shot at advancing.  These two will lock horns in Kansas City on Monday night.



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