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Group A: Haiti advances, Panama waits, Honduras is gone!

Duckens Nazon scored the only goal which buried Honduras at the bottom of Group A while the Islanders advance to the quarterfinals.


After a very promising start to the Cup, "La H" has been served and sent home by the impressive Haitians.  Honduras showed no ideas offensively and despite creating many chances, they just could not find the back of the net.  Nazon, who scored once again for Haiti, was very audacious to win the position over Figueroa and send the ball in.  This time, Haiti played smarter, they didn't seem all desperate to score as they seemed in the past two games.  They waited, were patient and controlled the ball very well.


Honduras boss Jorge Luis Pinto came clean during the post game conference stating that he feels very disappointed, then again, he has been with the team only a few months and I believe the project must continue.  The problem with Honduras is not the coach, is the players... strikers specifically.  If someone knows of any fountain of youth, please let the man below (Carlos Pavon) know where is it so that he can go drink some of that and come back and play for "La H"!



Anyway, back to the rest of the group, Panama was close to beat USA and claim 2nd spot, however USA rallied back and scored in the second half for a 1-1 draw.  Los Canaleros now must wait for other results in Groups B and C and hope to move on to the quarterfinals as one of the two best third places.  USA on the other hand, still trying to look convincing for many as they head to the KO stage where they'll meet tougher teams.  As of right now, they seem to play well in just one of the halves from each game.  They have to find that consistency and play with the same intensity the whole 90 minutes. 


Group B closes tonight with Jamaica looking to secure 1st place against El Salvador and Costa Rica will be taking on Canada. 



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