'Potato field' pitch probe after Barcelona fury

Spanish football authorities on Sunday said they could punish La Liga outfit Valladolid for the sub-standard condition of their pitch, which cut up badly during their 1-0 defeat by Barcelona the day before.

Astonishingly the pitch had only been laid four days ahead of the game, during which some sections became detached in pre-fabricated square cuts.

The move to punish the club comes after outspoken Barcelona centre-back Gerard Pique criticised both the pitch and the La Liga organisers, claiming the pich was dangerous.

"A disciplinary procedure will be swiftly opened into the condition of this pitch which fails to meet the minimum standards," La Liga said in a statement Sunday.

After the Saturday encounter, Pique said the pitch was a disgrace.

"It's a shame, a big risk of injury to the players. It's not suitable for a football game. It is shameful. I hope the officials will sort it out because it was lamentable."

Barcelona based sports daily Mundo Deportivo described the pitch as "a potato field".

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