AEK and Ajax charged by UEFA after violence puts nine in hospital

UEFA opened disciplinary proceedings against both AEK Athens and Ajax on Wednesday after nine people were hospitalised during violent confrontations at Tuesday's Champions League game at the Olympic Stadium in Athens.

Six Ajax fans as well as three police were taken to hospital, Greek authorities said on Wednesday.

A statement said the police were "injured by thrown bottles and other objects."

Most of the injuries were slight but one police officer was kept in hospital overnight. Earlier the police had reported 11 injured.

UEFA have charged home side AEK on seven counts including crowd disturbances, throwing objects and setting off fireworks.

Video footage taken from the stand shows a flares being thrown into the stand housing the Ajax supporters and a Molotov cocktail exploding in a ball of flame just in front of the Dutch fans.

Ajax have been charged with throwing objects and setting off fireworks.

The case will be dealt with by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on December 13.

Greek riot police intervened at the beginning of the match following clashes between supporters.

According to an AFP photographer at the game, at least three Ajax supporters were injured by police batons.

Police said there were also confrontations in the city centre on the eve of the match as fans of another Athens club, Panathinaikos, who have a bond with Ajax after the two clubs met in the 1971 European Cup final, joined Dutch fans in fighting AEK supporters.

Ajax won 2-0 in Athens to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League

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