Limited spectator numbers to return to sports events in England

Up to 4,000 people can return to outdoor sports stadiums and live performances in low-risk parts of England from December 2, the government said on Monday, permitting the revival of attendance at some Premier League football and other events.

The crowd ceiling will be set at 4,000 or half the stadium capacity, whichever is lower, in the lowest-risk "tier one" parts of the country once a stricter lockdown ends, it said.

In "tier two" areas, the limit will be 2,000 outdoors or half the capacity, it said.

In the highest "tier three" regions where Covid-19 remains acute, no spectators will be allowed.

The cap for indoor events in tier one and two regions will be fixed at 1,000, the government said, as it set out a post-lockdown plan also covering business conferences, theatres and concert halls.